Buffet clarinet serial number dating

Below are approximations taken from the buffet-crampon website which allows serial number searches 325,000 dec 15, 1989 350,000 oct 17, 1991 400,000 may 15, 1995 450,000 sept 16, 1998 500,000 june 24, 2002 550,000 nov 7, 2005 (or maybe july 11) 600,000 noting returned: it seems as though they have a very long lay over for christmas and new years holidays. I'm trying to determine the age of an old clarinet i've had since the early '50's it's a buffet crampon c paris, serial number 360 s i have found several sites on google with serial # lists, but still it's a tough search. Question: i am looking for the history of my clarinet and cannot find the background on bb evette & schaeffer clarinet buffet crampon paris france serial number k31xxx can you help can you help answer: coincidentally i also have an evette and schaeffer with the serial number k29xxx.

Clarinets clarinet serial numbers thread starter alc start date treading in the wrong site i'm trying to determine the age of an old clarinet i've had since the early '50's it's a buffet crampon c paris, serial number 360 s mine probably dates to mid-1920's naturally, i wanted it to be a gold-mine so i could somehow finagle a. (words in picture above) evette & schaeffer paris france modele buffet crampten serial number (pictured above): b2622 from the garden state parkway take exit 109 and follow signs for route 520 east take route 520 east all the way to the end (landmark - dunkin' donuts) make a left turn onto broad street and travel approximately 1 mile. Evette & schaeffer serial numbers (bottom of long page) master models are marked clearly on the clarinet below the oval logo the two left pinkie keys are pin in hole style, exactly the same as buffet r-13s.

Can anyone tell me what year a boosey and hawkes clarinet with serial number 380084 dates from have tried googling it, but all the available lists stop short of this one. This makes dating a yamaha wind instrument from its serial number a difficult task as a general rule yamaha can look up a particular instrument in their database upon request and provide a date unfortunately this does not hold true for the older yamaha wind instruments. Founded in paris and expanding quickly to meet international demand, buffet crampon clarinets have become a name synonymous with quality of tone and construction played by top musicians, ensembles and orchestras alike, the clarinets found in this section represent over a century of fine-tuning. There are loads of buffet clarinet serial number lists around, rather less info on flute serial numbers i look after a number of school-based buffet instruments though, and your serial number falls in amongst the serial number of the flutes i look after this means your flute is going to date back to the second half of the 1990s. A powerful clarinet made by german immigrants in new york still one of my favorites unfortunally it’s slightly out of tune according to the serial number, it should have been made in the beginning of the 1940s a great friend of mine, and sponsor to several of my clarinets, mogens møller jensen bought it for me in new orleans.

There are a number of reasons: most no-names were made by reputable manufacturers for stores, catalogs and big distributors if it says 'made in france' and its from the 20's-50's, chances are good that it was a buffet, thibouville freres, selmer, couesnon, malerne, or sml. Jean louis buffet was already making musical instruments as early as the 1840's in 1871, leon crampon became a partner if you come across an f preceding the serial number of an r13, this indicates that the instrument has been built to an a442 - a444 and is intended for use by european ensembles. Buffet clarinets note: a preceeding f in the serial number indicates a clarinet made for the european market (a=442, a=444. Beautiful pre r13 buffet clarinet manufactured in 1947 the keys are also in very nice condition the mouthpiece has 0432x etched on the side pads and tenon corks are in excellent condition the serial number on both tenons is 323xx. The buffet b12 is the most well known and respected student clarinet ever made offered by the company most regarded for clarinets, buffet-crampon, the buffet b12 is a highly capable, performance level student clarinet the buffet b12 is made in germany and is made from a lightweight & durable abs resin that is brushed with a satin finish.

Buffet clarinet serial number dating

Buffet r13 professional model clarinet serial number 175791 dates this clarinet to 1971 this one is in good playing condition but has older pads there is a nicely done repaired crack there is wear on the plating of the keywork an ab-eb lever was addedvery nicely done. First of all, evette & schaeffer model clarinets are not the same as evettes when this designation was used, the evette was buffet's student/low-end intermediate wood instrument the evette & schaeffer model was buffet's high-end intermediate model. I am looking for the year of manufacture of a buffet bb bass clarinet, german/simple system, to low e buffet-crampon logo is clear and the serial number is also clear, 1584 i can't find this in the lists of buffet serial numbers referred to on the bulletin board. 5, rue maurice berteaux - 78711 mantes-la-ville - france instruments clarinets english horn bassoon oboes saxophones services.

On the buffet serial number search, it would be listed under e11 and the number 126371 does come up with a date of 1974 so buffet didn't make all clarinets in paris during the early 70's correct me if i'm wrong. Buffet's serial number search page if you put the number in the search bar it gives a manufacture date of 30 april 1953 the modern vintage series by buffet was the company's attempt to replicate the bore of the pre-r13 1953 almost immediately precedes the r13 era. Check your clarinet's serial number, located on the case or on a small stamp on the back of the barrel if the number is above 50,000, it is likely an r13 you can also look at the a and a flat keys near the top of the clarinet. After researching your serial number, it now shows that clarinet as an international model, originally sold in 2001 the international is essentially the same clarinet as the e11 with a slightly higher quality wood grain it was also a clarinet only sold through select buffet crampon dealers.

Re: buffet crampon serial numbers first thing is that the pre r13 instruments are not worth as much as an actual r13, so you may want a conversation with where you bought it, depending on how much you paid for it. Get specifics on your r13 clarinet based on the serial number including specifics of the model and the date of manufacture, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection, french style vb3 style, compare that to the 0 price you paid and it all depends, other buffet's instruments note, i purchased it for 0 usd, buffet clarinet serial numbers. The first selmer clarinets were made in 1890 by 1900 selmer was also manufacturing alto clarinets, bass clarinets, flutes, oboes, and english horns in 1904 henri joined with his brother alexandre to form h. Buffet crampon - one of the most famous french clarinet makers, dating well back into the 19th century older instruments are excellent, especially early r13s older instruments are excellent, especially early r13s.

Buffet clarinet serial number dating
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